Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Par-tay

Kevin and I decided we wanted to host a Halloween party this year. We thought it would be a good way to reach out to some of the young married couples in our ward as well as re-connect with some of our friends we hadn't seen in a while. So of course the first thing you need when planning a party are invitations.
The next thing you need to have when planning a party are decorations and some refreshments. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of our decorations, but I did get some pictures of some of the goodies I made.We started off with a caramel apple bar.

I got the idea for these cookies from another blog. She used Trix cereal for the spider bodies, but I used Reese's pieces instead. I obviously don't use frosting much. They looked a little sloppy but they were eaten

I found the idea for these candy corn sugar cookies from a magazine at the grocery store. I had to laugh because I made the first batch a little too big! Haha they were Huge.

I made up a couple of games for the party. One was name that spooky song and the other was a Halloween version of Scattergories. We even had prizes for the winners. (two boxes of Halloween cereal and one Halloween Mr. Potato Head). Overall, I think the party was a success. Hopefully, this will help us branch out and hang out with some of these couples more often.

Here I am dressed as an oven. I can't claim that I came up with the idea on my own. My friend Megan told me I should do this. Everyone seemed to think it was a pretty cute idea. Thanks Megan!

Kevin as Dexter the serial killer. After getting his parents addicted to the show they told us they thought Kevin looked like him. So it seemed like the perfect choice.

 Rob and Emily came and Harry and Hermione

Their son, Joseph, was Dobby the house elf :)

Pam and Mike came as east L.A. gangstas

McKenzie and Bryce had a costume perfect for the Nickelodeon watcher from my generation. They were contestants on Legends of the Hidden Temple

Angie and Tyler were Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.

Christina as Cruela Devil and Joey as a Canadian.

Ally dressed as the "Swine Flu" and Matt as John Mcenroe


I hope your Halloween was a safe one :)