Monday, March 3, 2014

January photos

Here are some pictures from January.

December picture catch up

Well since we have had Natalie the time has really flown by. Babies just grow WAY to fast. Here are some pictures we took in December.

I think (for me) there is a little truth when people say the second kid doesn't have as many pictures taken as the first, but camera phones have helped A LOT. I try to capture a little of everything. Natalie is a sweet girl, but she definitely will let you know when she isn't happy. I guess we can say she is opinionated :). She LOVES the swing and has started laughing. Which is pretty much the best sound ever.

Christmas Caroling

Caroling seems to be a tradition that this generation just doesn't seem to do anymore. I think we might be worried that it won't be well received OR we are just a little on the lazy side :). So when our good friends invited us over for hot chocolate and caroling I thought it sounded pretty fun.

We only went to about 5 of their neighbors houses, but everyone seemed happy to see us. They grabbed their coats and came outside and they all had a smile on their faces. I think it is sad that we don't get to know our neighbors anymore. I hope once we buy a home and start to really feel settled that we will take the time to get to know those around us.

Window Kite

I found another cute idea on (Surprise!) Pinterest. It is a kite made out of tissue paper and contact paper. Morgan needed some one on one time and I thought a fun craft might just be a great activity for us to do together. She was able to pick the colors she wanted and stick it straight to the paper. I think it turned out pretty cute.