Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trip to the lake

The weekend after July 4th our friends invited us to their lake house. The lake house is in Alabama and I knew if I was going to be driving through B'ham there were some people I should try to see. Kevin took Friday off of work so we could meet up with my sister, Tamara and have lunch with her. I don't remember exactly when the last time I saw her was, but I know she hadn't met Morgan yet so it was over 3 years!

It was really  nice to see Tamara. We had a great visit. The restaurant she works at was closed for renovations, but we were able to hang out and talk there for a while. It was great because Morgan was free to run and be as loud as she wanted without disrupting anyone's lunch. Hopefully, now that we live so much closer it won't be another 3 years before we see each other again.

After we left Tamara we drove to the Cemetery where my grandparents where buried. I was moving the day of my grandmother's funeral so I never really got to say my "goodbyes".

By the time we were finished at the cemetery, my friends were on their way to the lake so we met up with them and followed them to their lake house.

Kevin has really been missing riding Seadoos and playing in the water so he didn't waste anytime. After we put our bags in our room and got settled he disappeared and jumped in the lake. Of course, Morgan had to jump in too. I was really sad because I forgot my camera at home so any pictures I have of this weekend were taken on a cell phone given to me by my friend Elizabeth.

Morgan LOVED riding on this watercraft. She started crying when we took her off of it. Kevin Said she kept telling him to go faster and faster. I think she is gonna be a little daredevil off a kid.

Thank you guys for inviting us! We had a blast :)

On the way home we stopped to visit my friend Monica and her family. She has a daughter that is six months younger than Morgan and we were excited for them to meet.

It was great to see the Ishee family because I think it has been at least three years since I have seen them too. Morgan and Ava got along so well which is bittersweet really. Sweet because it is so fun to see your kid play with one of your best friends children ,but a little bit bitter because you realize how much more fun it would be if you lived close enough so they could play often.

We will definitely have to make it down to b'ham to catch up with more friends I haven't seen in so long.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 4th

To get into the patriotic spirit of things I made this yarn wreath.

Unfortunately, it never actually made it to our front door. I sat it on top of our mantel and there is stayed. I really like how it turned out though and now I have it for next year right?

This 4th of July we went to my sister, Lezlea's house. My parents were in town and we had a b'day party for my dad.

I found an idea on pinterest (I know shocker ;) that I wanted to try out with the kids. You fill up a little kiddie pool with distilled water and dawn dish soap, grab a hula hoop and make some giant bubbles. Oh the kick is you make the bubbles AROUND the kids!

If you are having a hard time seeing the on the pictures to enlarge them. It was pretty neat, but the instructions did say it worked a lot better if the solution was mixed overnight. That and there was some wind that was a problem. I think we are gonna try it again another time. Maybe do it in a garage or something where wind won't be a problem.

After the kids were done with the bubbles they had to jump on the trampoline.

After all the outdoor fun we all came inside to rest for a little bit before we headed out in the evening to watch the fireworks.

Morgan crashed-HARD!

Here is Morgan and Kevin before the fireworks started. I couldn't quite tell if Morgan liked them or not. At first she acted excited, but then she said she wanted to leave. In true Morgan fashion the second we gather our stuff and start walking towards the exit she tells us she wants to stay.

All in all it was a nice day spent with family.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest project: Cloud Sand

I came across a recipe on Pinterest for what they called "cloud sand" it looked like something that was right up Morgan's alley so I gave it a shot.

All it is is 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil.

What makes this mixture special is that when you pack it in a cup or pail it keeps the shape. Just like wet sand.

She had a great time with it and I was able to get a few little chores done. Morgan loves to include me in all of her games and activities so it was nice to find something she didn't mind doing by herself.

Of course it got a little messy. It was a good thing I thought about putting that towel down or it would have been a disaster.

After she was done playing with the sand by itself I told her to leave the room for a minute so I could hide "treasure" for her to find. Then I just slipped a few small items in the sand for her to dig for.

She makes some of the funniest faces!

That's better!

I would consider "cloud sand" a success and would recommend it to any other mom looking for something to do with your toddler.