Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hunger Games

I don't get a lot of time out with girl friends. So when I was asked if I wanted to go see The Hunger Games I jumped at the chance. Even though it was the midnight premier and I knew that the next day I would feel like a walking zombie. (which I did :) )

Here we are holding our tickets! The picture is a little blurry, but I have a hard time asking a complete stranger to take multiple pictures.

Leesa made these AMAZING cupcakes.

Aren't these so cool?  A mocking jay and the other one is fire-Obviously :).

I know people have mixed feelings over the movie. A lot of people that read the books are upset over the details that they left out. I read all of the books and I think the movie turned out great! I thought the actors did a great job bringing the books to life.

I loved hanging out with a fun group of girls and getting psyched for the show. Thanks ladies for inviting me to come! Hopefully, we can get together again soon.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Such a big girl

A wonderful milestone has occurred at our house, and that milestone is the END OF DIAPERS (except at bedtime).  Two weeks ago I decided I was going to jump right in to this whole potty training business. I had done some reading online as to what might help, but all I really knew for sure was that I wasn't going ANYWHERE for the first several days.

The first day was insane but every day got better and better. One thing I read to do was set a timer and take her to the bathroom every 20 to 30 minutes. That did NOT work for me. Really it just annoyed her because she knew she didn't need to go, and she didn't want to go near the bathroom.  So I just made sure not to turn the T.V. on, follow her around playing and watch for signs that she might be ready to try.  Every time she used the potty she got to put a sticker on her chart and eat a chocolate chip. It seemed to work pretty well. We still have some accidents here and there (mostly when she is busy playing and doesn't want to stop to use the potty), but overall she is a champ and we are really proud of her.

To celebrate, we took her to the "Mickey store" and let her pick out a present. After we hid the typical dollar bin treasures she always seem to find, she surprised us when she picked out a Woody doll as her prize.

She is such a big kid now. Believe me, I am happy to be done with diapers, but it is sad to think about her not being a baby anymore.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sidewalk paint

Thanks to Pinterest I had a recipe for Sidewalk paint. I thought today was a good day to give it a try.

It was super easy and Morgan had a lot of fun making a mess. For those of you who aren't linked to Pinterest, here is the recipe:

2Tbs. cornstarch + 2Tbs. water, mix and then add 5 drops of food coloring.

I have also heard of people mixing one cup cornstarch with one cup water, then dividing it into muffin tins and adding your coloring then. I only had two colors so I just went with the first combo.

Monday, March 5, 2012

This Saturday we went to our old neighborhood to attend a birthday party for a one year old.  They did a really cute job with the theme "The Very Hungry Caterpillar''. They had a pinata, and cake pops shaped like different types of fruit. Little Justin's personal little cake looked like a bright red apple, and his poor hands and face were stained for the rest of the afternoon :).

"You want me to do what?"

"oh, ok I got this!"

It was a beautiful day outside and it was so nice to see our friends again. :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

We are still here

Ok so the whole month of February has passed with out a post. I'm sorry (to the handful of you who read this silly little blog). I guess I will once again play catch up.

Well, Feb. starts off with my birthday. This year was a big one- 30! Wow it still sounds weird to say, but I don't feel old so I'm not sweating it. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to share from my b'day. Kevin borrowed my camera for work and he accidentally deleted my pictures before I downloaded them to our computer :(. 

The  night of my actual birthday the three of us went out to eat and then I went to Sephora and bought some much needed make up. I also asked them to give me a "make over" while Kevin took Morgan to the Disney store.We finished the night off by going to grabbing a cupcake :).

That Saturday we celebrated again with a few friends. I originally wanted to go roller skating, but there wasn't a rink anywhere close by, so I settled for bowling. It was an interesting experience because everyone there had a toddler and those kids were ALL over the place. I think Morgan was the worst. She did not want to hang out with us...she wanted to run. The only thing that helped was the little ramp you can use to help you guide the call down the lane. I don't think anyone scored higher than a 60 because we kept having our kids bowl our turns It was fun though and I glad we went.

Other than that, February has been kind of crappy. We all got this crazy cold/cough that seemed to last FOREVER and then Morgan was stressing me out. She was really trying my patience at every turn. Thankfully, she and I have had some really good days this week and it is making me feel like "ok, I can do this". 

 She really likes eating cereal like this now. She also really loves to drink the milk from the bowl when she is done and of course make a huge mess, which is something she is really good at :).

We love that we have a park close enough to walk to, and even more than that we love that we have friends near by to walk with us.

We went to an open gym for kids ages 1-5 and Morgan loved it. This picture is blurry, but this is her running on the tumbling track. 
If it wasn't so expensive I would consider signing her up for a toddler gymnastic class. I really think she would enjoy it.
Brushing her teeth is one of her favorite activities. If I would let her, she probably would do this 8 times a day. I have to put her toothpaste high in the medicine cabinet or I would find a mess daily.

  She has to make sure her buddy is safely buckled in.
This girl LOVES cars and going "faster, faster faster!" I have no clue where she gets it *cough*KEVIN*cough*

A few things that Morgan has said lately that make me smile:

I walk in her room to get her from her bed- "oh mommy! I like your jamas!"

"Nice tie, daddy!" 

"mommy, you're my best friend"

"no, I not want to go to circle, circle" (while driving into the target parking lot)

I taught her what the traffic lights mean so she will often shout "GREEN!" trying to get the light to change so we can go.

She is learning so much and teaching me a lot in the process.