Friday, June 28, 2013

Rubber Duck Races

Today Morgan and I went with our friends to the park to participate in a rubber duck race. They have you pick out a little rubber duck and then you register it with a number and your name. They split the ducks into different heats. Then the winners of each heat  race for the top three spots and get a prize.

After we registered I ran into a friend from church. She invited us to join her and her two kids on their blanket. Which was great because the ground was a little damp, and I totally didn't think about bringing one.

This is Morgan's racer. We named him Friday after the duck my sister had when she was young. Plus, it IS Friday today :).

While we were waiting for the races to start they had a parachute and hula hoops for kids to play with. When I look at this next picture of Morgan she looks so much older to me. It is kind of freaky.
Waiting for the races to start.
She was excited to see her duck race, but he didn't win. She is still learning to be a gracious loser. She was a little bummed about not winning a prize, but that is just part of life. I would rather her have several of these experiences while she is young so she doesn't expect to be a winner every time.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Touch a truck

Another free event I found was what they called "touch a truck." They had fire trucks and tractors and UPS trucks etc.. They just let the kids crawl inside and touch pretty much everything. Morgan and I met up with some of our friends and spent about an hour hopping in and out of different vehicles.

They also had free balloons, goldfish crackers and pop ice for the kids to enjoy.

Fire hose fun

One thing I am loving about living in Nashville is the free parents magazine. You can pick them up at the grocery store, library, and pretty much any child friendly location. They probably have these in other cities, but since I am a first time parent, I am just learning about it. Each month a new magazine comes out and it gives you a list of events or classes going on every day of the month. Some are free and others have a small charge, but it is just great to know what is going on. I would be pretty clueless without it.

This past week I saw that a neighboring town was hosting a splash day with their fire department. That sounded pretty fun so I called up my sister-in-law and she and my niece and nephew joined us.

The fire department hooked up their hose to a hydrant at one of the community parks and sprayed their hose way up in the air and the kids went nuts.

Here are the kids lined up waiting for the hose to be turned on.

They also had a sand volleyball court. So some of the kids decided to play in the sand.

And then this happened.

So it was time to get back in the water some more.

It is so nice living near family. Of course, their is a chance that they could move out of state, but until that happens will try to get together as much as we can. :)