Thursday, February 28, 2013

February misc.

Here are some random pictures I took this past month:

"Snow day"

Morgan is obsessed with the umbrella. She always says "oh no! It's raining. Quick get under the umbrella with me". She played with it a little too much though. This umbrella bit the dust this morning.

I really wish this image was clearer. I really like this moment. I don't get to relax and snuggle with her often anymore.

"Lunch with the Queen"
Actually, she called herself the King, but I knew what she meant ;). I really enjoy having special time with Morgan outside of the house. Something as simple as going to the mall and having lunch in the food court can be a lot of fun.

Just a little painting

Morgan has kind of a short attention span sometimes. At least when it comes to doing something OTHER than watching T.V.  I have found however, that the girl loves to paint! She will sit still and make as many pictures as I will provide paper for. It's great when we are stuck inside on a cold, rainy day.

There is Ruca again. She has to see what is going on.

As you can see, she isn't afraid to get messy! I don't care you can see how much fun she is having :)

Cookie Decorating

On Valentines day, Morgan and I made homemade sugar cookies. She helped me pour and mix all the ingredients, roll out and cut the dough and she even helped decorate them when they had cooled off.  I didn't get any pictures of the entire process, but I got a couple of her enjoying the finished product.

I don't know what makes me smile more, Morgan's face or Ruca sneaking in the picture and just waiting for some of that cookie to drop :).