Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The need for speed!

Last Saturday our friends Rob and Emily invited us to join them at the Irwindale Speedway to watch the races. I had never been to an event like this so I was looking forward to seeing exactly what it was all about.

Before the races started they let the fans down on the track to check out all of the cars and take pictures and photographs with the drivers. None of us actually knew who any of them were, but we had fun looking at the cars. It was neat to see how bare they were on the inside.

There was also a P.T. Cruiser club that proudly displayed their silly little cars. Emily and I took a picture by the one that caught my attention the most. Its theme was little red riding hood. They placed a stuffed wolf on the dashboard and had a custom paint job depicting the fairytale on all sides of the vehicle. What really completed its awesomeness was a quote across the hood that said "Grandma what big eyes you have". It is amazing to me all of the different ways people can find to throw away money.

Before the show began we all stood for the National Anthem. They announced the singers name and it sounded so familiar. When I looked closely I recognized the woman as a patient in the doctors office I work for. That was pretty funny. I wasn't expecting that. I run into patients in the most random places. The best was when I got pulled over by a patient and when she recognized me she let me go without a ticket. But that is a completely different story :)

All of the races were fun to watch but I would have to say my favorite was the figure 8. The name pretty much says it all. It was exciting to see the cars barely miss each other as they crossed in the middle. We were all sitting on the edge of our seats cheering when the racers become more and more daring.

The finale was an all female demolition derby. As I watched these women slam into one another I thought....I can do that!!! It looked fun, just like real life bumper cars.

All in all it was a fun night. We saw a car catch on fire, ate fattening track food and enjoyed good company. I would say the one negative was the man sitting below us that was completely oblivious that half of his rear end was exposed for the world to see.

Gleason family thanks again for inviting us to share this experience with you. We had a great time!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Here is a little survey that is being passed around.....

I am:
Heather... a daugher, wife, and friend
I think: there are to many superficial people on this planet
I know: how precious this life is
I want: A personal trainer and nutritionist
I have: many projects i need to finish
I wish: we could afford to travel more
I hate: being lied to
I miss: all of my family on the east coast
I fear: losing a loved one
I feel: full...we just ate dinner
I hear: the TV in the other room
I smell: the juice in my glass
I crave: sweets...always
I search: for motivation to complete all my goals
I wonder: where we will be in ten years
I regret: not trying harder in school and not pushing myself to get better grades
I love: the way my husband looks at me when I get all dressed up
I care: about my friends and family
I always: want to keep the promises I make to myself
I am not: good at making small talk
I believe: that there is a little good in everyone
I dance: when the occasion calls for it
I sing: in the car, at my work, in my kitchen, at the store....(I think you can see where this is going)
I don't always: put my clothes away quickly
I fight: for those who can't defend themselves
I write: to do lists everyday....and poetry sometimes
I lose: a little bit of my sanity when I think of all the bills we have to pay
I win: when I play people in Dr. Mario
I never: want to live a dull life
I listen: whenever I am needed
I can usually be found: in my apartment wrapped in a blanket
I am scared: that when I have children I won't be a good mother
I need: to find a job I enjoy
I am happy about: making new friends

Now I Tag....Tami L., Alysha H., Elizabeth J and Elissa J. so you can post it on your blog :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Book Report

Let me introduce you to my latest obsession- The Twilight Saga. It is a series of books about a teenage girl named Bella and her relationship with a relatively young vampire (Only oh 90 years old or so :) named Edward.

I jumped on the Twilight bandwagon fairly late in the game, Probably a month before the fourth book was released. There were a couple of reasons why this series interested me. The first reason was that I found out the Author, Stephenie Meyer, is LDS. Just for curiosity's sake I wanted to see if her religious background played any part in the story. I also heard that they were making the first book into a movie. I wanted to read the book first and see how well it translated on the big screen. When I first told Kevin my idea he took a look at the size of the book and told me I probably wouldn't finish it in time for the movies release this November. Okay so It may have taken me over six months to read the Da Vinci Code. Even so, I took it as a personal challenge and just the kick in the pants I needed to start reading.

What I never expected was to get so caught up in the story. I can't even tell you what it was, but everyday I couldn't wait to see what happened next. I completely got sucked into the story and felt like I got to know the characters on a personal level. Now three months later I have not only read Twilight but the three books that follow.

I would really like to recommend these books to anyone who wants to get caught up in something. A lot of the buzz surrounding these books are that they are the next Harry Potter series. I never read those books so I can't exactly say if that is true or not, but if you would like to learn a little more you can visit the author's website at