Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Here is a little survey that is being passed around.....

I am:
Heather... a daugher, wife, and friend
I think: there are to many superficial people on this planet
I know: how precious this life is
I want: A personal trainer and nutritionist
I have: many projects i need to finish
I wish: we could afford to travel more
I hate: being lied to
I miss: all of my family on the east coast
I fear: losing a loved one
I feel: full...we just ate dinner
I hear: the TV in the other room
I smell: the juice in my glass
I crave: sweets...always
I search: for motivation to complete all my goals
I wonder: where we will be in ten years
I regret: not trying harder in school and not pushing myself to get better grades
I love: the way my husband looks at me when I get all dressed up
I care: about my friends and family
I always: want to keep the promises I make to myself
I am not: good at making small talk
I believe: that there is a little good in everyone
I dance: when the occasion calls for it
I sing: in the car, at my work, in my kitchen, at the store....(I think you can see where this is going)
I don't always: put my clothes away quickly
I fight: for those who can't defend themselves
I write: to do lists everyday....and poetry sometimes
I lose: a little bit of my sanity when I think of all the bills we have to pay
I win: when I play people in Dr. Mario
I never: want to live a dull life
I listen: whenever I am needed
I can usually be found: in my apartment wrapped in a blanket
I am scared: that when I have children I won't be a good mother
I need: to find a job I enjoy
I am happy about: making new friends

Now I Tag....Tami L., Alysha H., Elizabeth J and Elissa J. so you can post it on your blog :)

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