Saturday, December 20, 2008

Golf Cart Parade

Kevin's parents live in a senior community along a golf course. Every year the residents of this community invite their children and grandchildren to come and watch or participate in the golf cart parade. This was our first year to join in the fun. There were so many of us that we entered 4 carts in the parade. Everyone did such a good job of decorating their carts and there was a warm, welcoming feeling as we drove through the streets. Everyone greeted us with a "Merry Christmas" and looked so happy to see us. It was fun passing out candy canes to the children and seeing the excitement on their faces. Overall it was a really nice experience. I didn't get many pictures of the actual parade, but here are some pictures I took that night.
Here is the whole family.

Clint, Kirsten and Kerry
Kevin and MeWendi and JustinParker

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