Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sew much fun

my mother and father-in-law asked me if we were going to paint the baby's room, but I didn't want to paint the room and then have to turn around and paint it again before we move (whenever that will be?). I did want to make the room look as cute as I could for the budget that I have. SO...I have looked online and in different stores getting different ideas. First, I needed to pick colors for the room. Normally, I am not a PINK girl, but I found a really cute crib bedding set that was pink, green and white checked. Of course it didn't hurt that all four pieces (comforter, sheet, bumper and crib skirt) were on sale for less than 100 dollars! The only problem was it was being discontinued and I tried to order it through three or four different companies before I found one that actually had it.

Once I had the bedding picked out I started noticing pink and green things EVERYWHERE. I saw these cute baskets at pottery barn kids and I thought they would work perfect for storage under the changing table. I looked at the price and thought hmmm I bet I could make these for a lot cheaper. So I did. I went to Target and saved about 15 dollars a basket and then went to the fabric store and picked out four different fabric patterns. By buying my own fabric instead of their liners saved about 20 dollars. My friend, Pam, helped me get started. She created a pattern for me to follow and let me use her sewing machine, but I am proud to say that I sewed all the liners myself. It actually made me want to invest in possibly buying my own sewing machine.

Here are a couple of pictures of how the baskets turned out. They definitely have a homemade look to them, but I kind of like that. After I was done making the baskets I had some extra fabric and instead of throwing it out I used it to make these picture frames.

I am actually having some fun decorating and once I finish more projects I will post more pictures.


tammy lu said...

Way cute! Have you come up with any names yet?

Elizabeth said...

ahhh i love it. so handy =)

thebrothersnotgrim said...

Heather, I love what you have done with the baskets and then the picture frames. That is so creative. I think that homemade by mommy makes it all that much better. Keep up the good work. Love you!!!!

F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

Wow, you are so creative....I'm gonna have to stop by more often to get some ideas from you! They turned out so nice!