Friday, January 1, 2010

First Christmas with Morgan

I don't know about you guys, but to me Christmas came really fast this year. And it was over just as fast. Christmas for our little family was pretty special since it was the first Christmas Morgan was with us. Other than that it was pretty mellow.

Kevin's parents came to our place to spend Christmas eve with us. We went out to Claim Jumper to eat because Kevin and I have done that  the two other Christmases we lived here. Kevin's parents were happy to keep up the tradition with us. That was the first time we had taken Morgan out and she pretty much just stayed quietly in her infant seat the whole time. After dinner we came back to our apartment and watched "It's a wonderful life" and split between the four of us a piece of chocolate mother load cake. YUM! That was pretty much it. We just enjoyed each others company and soaked up that warm feeling that this time of year usually brings.

Kevin had told me not to get him much of anything this year because what he planned on getting me was really more of a gift for the family. SO....of course I tried to secretly figure out what he got us. Christmas morning when I opened my present I wasn't TOO surprised to see that he had gotten us an Xbox 360. He explained that he really wanted to get me the Beatles Rockband but we didn't have a game system to play it on. So that will be a gift in the future. It would have been crazy expensive to get the Xbox and Rockband all at once. I was impressed he really did his homework to find out what he should get and he ended up getting us a refurbished Xbox with a three year warranty. That saved us some money. I think he also thought that it would be a good idea for us to have this since we probably won't be going out much for a while. It will give us something to entertain ourselves with.

After opening presents we packed up and drove to Kevin's parents house to meet up the the rest of his family. We had a great dinner and enjoyed spending time together. I was a little upset that I didn't take many pictures this Christmas, but I was just relaxing and enjoying our first Christmas with our little girl.

My mom sent us our Christmas ornaments for this year and it was so fun to see one for Morgan. Mine was the goofy one and Pluto was for Kevin. I think these ornaments are such a fun tradition that my mom started and I look forward to getting them every year.

Overall it was a nice relaxing holiday. I hope everyone had great Christmas with good food, fun and surrounded by their friends and family.


tammy lu said...

What a great Christmas! A XBox? That is awesome! My husband got me the Wii so that we can do the Wii Fit together. I think he is trying to so something! :) Anyway. Little Morgan is way too cute! I am glad your Christmas was great!

The Jones Family said...

Aww she is SO SWEET!!! What a perfect Christmas gift this year!

Em-Cat said...

Heather and Kevin! Morgan is so beautiful. I'm glad to see you had a nice first Christmas together. May you have a great New Year with your new little family.

Robbie, Em and J