Friday, February 12, 2010

2 months old

Wow times sure does fly by. Of course everyone tells you that about babies. "They grow up so fast" or "They change every day". And well.....they do! Morgan is now 2 months old and so sweet. She smiles all the time now and pays attention to everything around her. She can also roll from her tummy to her back. Although, sometimes she lays there frozen and starts crying. I guess she hasn't gotten it down completely just yet. Here are a few pictures I have taken in the last week.
Hanging out with her new friend, cookie monster.

I tried to capture her rolling over
This face just cracks me up!
I just love this little girl!


The Jones Family said...

she is so gorgeous Heather. i just can't get over it!

Elizabeth said...

gah, love.

tammy lu said...

She is so beautiful! I cannot believe she is 2 months already. Time really does fly!

Nina and Drew said...

As you've said before it wouldve been nice living close together for all these girls growing up knowing each other! I know so many having babies! Your lil girl is just such a cutie!

erinmillson said...

I love the picture of her huge smile. You must be soooo in love!

Em-Cat said...

She really is so pretty! Happy two months Morgan!