Wednesday, March 2, 2011


When Morgan was first born my mom would always ask me "Are you singing to her?".  I would have to admit that I wasn't singing to her as much as I probably should, but when they are so little and sleeping most of the time you just don't think about it. Well, at least I didn't. I understood that It was important for a babies calmness and security as well as making a connection with their mother. So, I listened to my mother and made sure I sang to her. Then as she got older I could tell that she was interested in my singing and it made much easier to remember to do it more often.

I was thinking about what songs I sing to her and I realized that I have a handful that I tend to shuffle through. Sometimes I will be holding her and trying to think of a new song. That is when "Crazy little thing called love" by Queen or "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips will come pouring out of my mouth. I have a pretty large memory bank of songs and I find it funny that over and over I sing the same ones.

Here is my list of my favorite "lullabies" to sing:

Blackbird-The Beatles
Somewhere over the rainbow-Wizard of Oz
You are my sunshine
Homeward bound -Simon and Garfunkel
Freshman-The verve pipe (I know strange choice, but it is mellow)
Favorite things-Sound of music

I really don't know why I picked these songs as my go to songs. Really they picked themselves because they kept coming to the front of my mind. So, I am curious. What songs do you sing to your children? And if you don't have children what songs where sung to you as a child or when you do have kids, what songs do you plan to sing to them? I think I need to add a little variety to my set list. :)


Holly said...

Smile by Nat King Cole is one I used to sing to Samantha when she was little and now I sing it to Henley. :) I found myself realizing that I don't have much variety these days, but I stole a couple of yours this evening. Thanks! :)

The Jones Family said...

i sing alot of primary songs.. plus the little kiddy songs i grew up with:
The Ants go marching
Hush Little Baby, Dont say a word
Yankee Doodle
The more we are together
She'll be Comin Round the Mountain
Twinkle little Star

Now, alot of these aren't "lullabies" but i sing them at bedtime anyways just for variety!

Heather and Kevin said...

Thanks guys, I need more of a variety :)

Megan + Justin Shimer said...

I love that you sing her Wilson Phillips :) You're awesome.