Friday, January 20, 2012

Zoo Day

This week we went with our friends to the San Diego zoo. I was really excited to take Morgan because she hasn't been to the zoo since she was itty bitty and I knew she would like it. I was right. Although, we did have issues with her just running off in the crowd.  I had to leave the stroller with my friend and take off after her. I wasn't very happy about that, but luckily everyone seemed to be very understanding. One woman saw Morgan run by  her and then saw me running towards her and shouted ahead for someone to stop her. That was appreciated :).

Our first stop was the Gorillas. They are always one of my favorite and one Kevin's least favorite for the exact same reason, because they are so close to humans!

I couldn't get Morgan to cooperate when I tried to get a picture of her by herself, but when I put her with her friend, Joe she did just fine.

Here is Emily with her two boys. This picture makes me laugh. I couldn't get a great was obvious that her boys just wanted to run around.

We had to see those adorable pandas of course and take a picture next to the giraffes which is my other favorite and the same as Morgan's "buddy" that she takes everywhere.

Thanks again, Emily! We had a great time and Morgan loved spending so much time with Joe :)

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Em-Cat said...

Oh my goodness! I'm dying! That pic of me and my boys is HILARIOUS! I can't stop laughing. Thanks for coming with us. We had so much fun. We need to go to the Safari Park next.