Monday, July 7, 2014

Lets try this again

Since having Natalie I have been terrible at keeping up with my blog. In fact, I have had a hard time keeping up with a lot of stuff it feels like, but I think I am finally getting the hang of this "two kids" deal.

Natalie is now 8 months old and has been crawling since 7. She is already pulling herself up to stand and sort of walking along the couch and coffee table. she is getting to be a little bit of a better sleeper. Which means waking up only twice or so at night.

Morgan seems to really like being a big sister. The only problem I have with her is wanting to pick Nat up and hold her. She is a little too rough, but Natalie loves her so much that she puts up with a lot before she starts to fuss.

Here are some pictures from our church's Easter egg hunt/Easter Sunday

 Natalie's first time eating rice cereal

I love my girls. I am tired most of the time because they keep me busy, but I am so thankful that I get to stay home with them, teach them and watch them grow every day.

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