Monday, August 18, 2014

13 puppies Part 2

Week two was stressful because I was desperately trying to figure out what the best thing to do for these puppies was. My Aunt heard about the situation and she is a HUGE animal lover. She knew that I couldn't afford it myself, but she was willing to take care of food costs and veterinary bills for ALL of the puppies if needed. So awesome!

I was able to find a home for one puppy Tuesday night and I had quite a few interested in coming to get one Wednesday. I went to go put Whiskey outside for a while and I saw a truck right beside my neighbors kennel. I ran over there and saw that it was animal control. I told them that I had people coming to get these puppies and they ended up allowing me to keep the puppies that they had not already put in the van. So I had 6 puppies now (including Whiskey).

I need to back up just a little and explain some more frustration I have towards my neighbor. I mention earlier that he was planning on keeping a puppy. Well I had noticed when we bathed all the dogs that this particular puppy was injured. I don't know if it was a dog bite or if he accidentally poked it with the stake he used to push the puppies back in the kennel with. Yes, he would hit them in the face with a wooden stake. So I saw this injury and told him he needed to take his puppy to the vet quick and get that taken care of. He said "Oh yeah, I will take him today." Later that night, poor puppy was just sitting in the kennel with the rest of the dogs. When animal control came, he gave them that puppy and traded it for another puppy to keep. That shows he doesn't care a whole heck of a lot of happens to these dogs. It is just something to own.

While animal control was there I made sure to give her the "please help these dogs" look. She caught on pretty quick and started asking him for vaccination records on all 5 of his other dogs. Yep, this new puppy will make 6 dogs. I just hope they keep on top of him and then maybe either his dogs will have to be fixed or just taken away.

As of yesterday, I was able to find homes for 7 puppies! This was such a crazy ride and not one that I hope to take again. I just feel a little better knowing that they will get the care that they deserve.

I have kind of followed up with everyone that came and got a pup and they have been really quick to respond with how great their dog is doing and let me know what they named them.

One little boy was named coco and lives with a family that has a 2 1/2 yr old little girl.

Another little girl was also named coco and they have a 9 month old daughter. They drove all the way from Huntsville, Alabama.

This little girl is named Nala.
A mom brought her twin boys over to surprise them with a puppy. She originally wanted to get a girl, but these boys fell in love with this little guy. They didn't have a name picked out yet. I'm sure they will have a lot of fun with him.

We decided not to keep Whiskey. I just knew I was going to seriously regret it. Not that we wouldn't love him, but I already have my hangs completely full. neighbors mother really wanted him and she even kept the name Whiskey!I didn't get a picture of them together, but  i'm glad because they said they will bring him over all the time and I will get to see him.

The last two puppies stayed with us until Friday. We brought them inside to give them another bath.

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This is Nash and his new family. They already have a 10 yr old Half Heeler mix named Whiskey. (crazy huh?)

Last but not least is Max with part of his new family. They actually got another puppy that day to. One for their daughter and this one for their son.

I am so relieved that this is all over and I know that although in a different circumstance I would probably be willing to foster a dog, but I don't think I could ever work at a shelter that may have to euthanize any animals.

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