Monday, March 31, 2008


I have always been one to try new things. I should specify that I mean physically I like trying new things...not just in general because you won't catch me eating anything that you can find on fear factor :) Anyways, up until the beginning of this month I had never been snow skiing and I really don't know why. I lived in Utah for a year and a half but it just never happened. So when Some of kevin's family were planning a trip we jumped on board. Kevin's sister kirsten, bro-in-law clint, nephews nathan and kyle, father kerry and the two of us drove to Mammoth for a weekend. It was beautiful!!! I think its true about the older you wait to try skiing the more afraid you are. I was pretty excited but when I got to the top of the hill I was pretty intimidated. To be honest I don't think I would have survived that weekend without clint. THANK YOU CLINT!!!!!! He was by my side the whole first day and made sure that I was ok. I hate feeling like I am making everyone wait for me and its tough not naturally knowing what to do. I had a rough end to the first day and I was pretty scared to even start the next day, but I'm glad I did because after I warmed up I had a blast. It was cool to see how well everyone else could ski. It was a talant I didn't know kevin had. I look forward to going again.

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