Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Every little bit helps

I'm not quite sure who reads my little blog and out of those few people I don't know how many of you know my father or that he was diagnosed with an aortic anuerysm five years ago. Well recently it has enlarged for the first time in five years. The doctors told him that it was time to have surgery. SO...Tomorrow he goes in the hospital for a heart cath and then Thursday he is having open heart surgery. I would really appreciate it if you could keep my father in your thoughts and prayers. It is really hard for me being all the way across the country while he is going through this eventhough I know I would still feel as helpless in Florida.


I just want you to know that my thoughts will be with you. I love you and I'm so excited for this to be behind you so you can come and see us in California.

Love Always,



Em-Cat said...

Heather...Rob and I are praying for your dad and hope everything goes well!!

Heather and Kevin said...

Thank you guys....He made it through surgery just fine and he seems to be recovering without complication. I know everyones prayers were heard.