Friday, April 25, 2008

Sisters and friends that feel like them

My sister, Melissa recently came into LA for a business trip. Kevin and I took her and her co-worker to the Santa Monica Pier and then did a little sightseeing. It was great to see her and realize how much of my personality (mainly my humor) is because I am an Archer. We live WAY too far away!

another sister, (well in spirit anyway) Liara, came for another visit. This time she was able to stay with us a couple of nights and she brought her friend noelle. It was nice to have to quality girl time at the beach. We walked around main st. in Huntington Beach and all the little vendors beside the pier. I bought a pretty necklace and they walked away with some cool souvenirs and gifts for friends back home. It was cool to show kevin that I am not the only one who knows all the lyrics to ice ice baby and all the salt n pepa songs. COME BACK SOON! You crazy nut! (wink)

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