Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pumpkins and what not

This Halloween was pretty low key for us. On Halloween night we went to Rob and Emily's for dinner and watch the Audrey Hepburn movie "wait until dark". I had remembered watching it a long time ago with my mom. It is a pretty good movie. Audrey plays a woman who has gone blind after a car accident. I recommend checking it out. It really makes you think. We had a nice night. Emily has been put on bed rest for her full third trimester so we wanted to make sure they we able to some what celebrate the holiday too. I don't know how she stays so positive. I know if it were me I would be going crazy.

The weekend before Halloween we had our friends David and Sarah over to carve pumpkins. I even made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to get into the holiday spirit. Kevin and I have carved a pumpkin every year since we have known each other so I guess we have made it some what of a tradition. Apparently, David doesn't share the same enthusiasm for this holiday festivity, but he was a good sport and joined right in. His wife, Sarah even roasted pumpkin seeds. I had never actually taken the time to do that and they are pretty tasty.

Kevin and I carved a grim reaper pumpkin and David and sarah's was a vampire biting the neck of a woman. I thought they both turned out really well.

A couple of days later David and Sarah informed us that they are going to be moving to Missouri. We are so sad to see them leave. We don't have too many friends here and we love hanging out with them, but I know that this move is something that they need to do.

Guys....We love you and hope you come back to visit soon! We miss you already :(

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Elizabeth said...

your pumpkins are awesome. update your blog more. =)