Monday, February 16, 2009

Changes/Snow Summit

Ok so I mentioned in my last post that my hours at the plastic surgeon's office were cut to 2 days a week. That was a pretty big bummer, but it was a blessing too. It got me off my butt to start looking for a new job. It has been no secret that I wasn't to fond of my employment situation for the past 2 years, but I never really did anything about it (except complain). Well Part of the crazy week last week was after we drove home from Lake Havasu I had a job interview on Thursday for a place called millennium Medical Spa. They specialize in weight loss management and hormone replacement therapy. They also have a huge skin care side to them and sell all kinds of products. Good news...I got the job!

My job duites will include answering phones, weighing patients, working with a clinicial study they are running, possibly drawing blood and administering B-12 shots, assisting with Botox and facial fillers (which I do now)...Along with several other tasks. I am really excited because I can already see a HUGE difference between this company and my former employer. Oh...and it doesn't hurt that I got a pay increase. I will let you know a little more about it after I have worked there a while. I told them that I wanted to give my old boss two weeks notice....Only working two days a week, they asked if I could work on the days I wasn't with him. Hence starting on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

The day after my interview we went snow skiing. We decided that would be our valentines day celebration. It is so crazy that you can live 5 minutes from the beach and drive 2 hours to the mountians and snow. It was only my second time skiing but I had a lot of fun. We pretty much stayed to the low intermediate part of the mountain for my sake. I have learned I am less afraid of me falling and more afraid of people hitting me. Once I learn to quit looking backwards and focus on me I think it will be much better. Here are a couple of pictures we took that day.


Elizabeth said...

congrats on the new job! that sounds like fun.
you look cute in your skiing outfit. =)

Monica said...

Yay! Congrats on your new job! Sounds like fun! =)

The Jones Family said...

haha- trust me i KNOW.. his eyes are soo yellow! its so sad! But dont worry- I have been putting him in the sun and breast-feeding as much as possible! it is finally fading away. Ya, my mom said all of her kids had jaundice.. so she wasn't too worried about it.

The Jones Family said...

Congrats!! Having a sucky job.. well, sucks! I'm glad you found a new one.. I hope you love it! Let us know!