Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm ready for my close up

Last week Kevin and I flew across the country to Tampa, Florida...a place we used to call home. The sad thing was I had not been back since we moved to California a little over two years ago :( The reason for our visit was to go to our friend Megan's wedding (pictures to come), but since I am never in Florida I had to make time to be with my family. What was great was my sister Melissa and her husband Ted were in town at the same time so I got to spend some time with them as well. I asked Melissa if she and Ted wanted to have some fun outside and have a photo shoot. They thought what the heck, sure. So that is just what we did. Here are some pictures from that shoot:
Here I am teaching Melissa how to play gladiator on the monkey bars just like I used to play in elementary school.
What a cute couple :)
Thanks guys for humoring me....I had a fun time and from the looks of this last picture....I would say you did too :)


The Jones Family said...

so cute! i love fun photo shoots!

The Brothers Not Grim said...

Aah, now I want copies! I had a lot of fun and please thank Kevin again for being our own personal tour guide at Disney. We think he's great!
Love you! Missy