Monday, April 27, 2009

Chuckwagon/Naughty Panty Party

Now what brought me to Florida in the first place was to be a bridesmaid in my friend Megan's wedding. Kevin and I drove to her part of town the day before the wedding and actually helped set up for the reception. While we were taking a break from hanging lights and stuffing the favors we went to eat at a little restaurant called "Moon Lite" (Kevin and I are scratching our heads....we think that is the right name). Anyways, this is a little drive in with all kinds of milk shakes and burgers, but the thing that stood out on the menu was something called the "Chuckwagon". A "Chuckwagon" is a country fried burger. That doesn't sound fattening at al does it? Kevin and I couldn't bring ourselves to try one, but the groom-to-be, Justin ordered one so we could see what it looked like.Later that night Kevin went with Justin and I went with Megan to what was called her Naughty Panty Party. Megan is the oldest child and the first to be married so her little sisters went all out with the "naughtiness". For example, they made her wear this tiara.
After all the Sexy presents were open we got to my favorite part of the night. ROCKBAND! I have always wanted to play, but I just never had the right opportunity. Well...since I had mentioned this to Megan earlier she said sure let's play it. I had also suggested (because I am a dork) that we buy t-shirts and make up band names and write our names on the shirt. Everyone was down with that so that is exactly what we did. Because I was so excited about this prospect (did I mention that I am a dork?) I had already come up with a name. When I suggested it to the group they all like it and we became.....PAPER COVERS ROCK!It was so much fun and I am now trying to convince Kevin that we need to get a gaming system so I can play. We don't have anything now because we are scared that one or the both of us will become addicted to playing video games all the time. Oh well....we will just have to see what happens :)


The Jones Family said...

Rockband is SO fun!! we need to play ours again.. its been a while.. love it :)

Monica said...

You will definitely get addicted. We play rock band at Tanya and Dustins, and it's so much fun! Kyle and I want to get a Wii now. But, like you said, we are afraid we are going to get addicted, cuz I love me some Mario Kart!! lol