Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Chargers

Not Charger like Kevin's car, but the San Diego Chargers Football team. Kevin's boss has season tickets and couldn't attend the game this past weekend so he gave his tickets to us.  We don't have a specific team that we route for and aside from the super bowl we don't really watch football on T.V, but we both really like watching sports live, especially at the professional level. We couldn't find a sitter for Morgan so we had to bring her with us, but before we headed out to the stadium we stopped at Lowe's and picked up some ear muffs. (if you ever need to buy some just head straight to lowe's. Babies R us doesn't have them.) It was a good thing we got them too because it was LOUD!
Our seats where in the press section which was nice because 1) Not as crowded for concessions or the bathroom and 2) It was totally in the shade so I didn't have to worry about any of us getting sunburned.
The pre-game show was pretty neat. They had a parachute team fly into the stadium. They came in pretty hot too. Kevin and I were impressed at how smoothly they were able to stop. Some of them at to run pretty fast as they landed so they wouldn't fall.  They also had different branches of the military come out and hold the flag in the shape of the United States while the National Anthem was being sung.
As you can see Morgan hated wearing the ear muffs at first. She kept trying to take them off.
But once she realized we weren't giving in, she was fine.
She even fell Asleep!

Morgan did really well. I was wondering how she was going to be with all of the people and noise, but she was a trooper. Actually, we had several people stop us to tell us how they brought their children when they were that age and now they are all grown up. We had one woman even ask if she could take Morgan's picture with her phone to send it to her daughter. It is so funny when you have a baby. People are so friendly and they love to remember how it was when their children were little. I'm sure we will be doing the same thing 30 years from now.

We don't have many pictures of the three of us together so it was nice that we were able to get this shot.

The game was a blast. The Chargers killed the Jaguars so the crowd was in a really good mood. We are really thankful to Kevin's boss for giving us this opportunity!


Em-Cat said...

Next time you need a baby sitter and you're coming south you should call us! We would be happy to watch your little one! It looks like you guys had so much fun! We actually took J to a Dodgers game and I was really impressed with how good he did.

tammy lu said...

You guys a such a good looking family! Morgan looks so cute in the headphones! What great times!!