Monday, September 27, 2010


These days it is pretty common for people to decorate their baby's nursery with wooden letters. Even though I knew it wasn't a completely original idea, I still thought I would like to do that for Morgan.

As long as I can remember my mom had "projects" she was working on and they almost all had something to do with painting. I still have a wooden heart that she made me with my name and a little sheep on it. Who better to paint the letters for Morgan right? Right! So I asked my mom if she was up to the task. Thankfully, she accepted and painted some pretty letters to hang above Morgan's crib.

I found this website and purchased them there. It is pretty cool because you pick what font you want, what height you want and what thickness you want. You can also buy block letters or tiles and you can buy them already painted if you don't want to paint them yourself. Here is how Morgan's letters turned out.

Thanks again mom! They turned out great and they are just what we needed to complete Morgan's room. We love you :)


Elizabeth said...

ahh that last picture is so cute!!

Emily said...

I love it! Your blog is so cute! Glad you had fun!