Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday

After church on Sunday Kevin's side of the family all met up at his parents house for Easter dinner. It is nice when the family gets together. Especially, because Morgan loves playing with her cousins and her grandparents dog, Sophie.

After we ate we drove around on the golf carts (they live on a golf course) and ended up among some citrus trees. One thing led to another and we ended up playing baseball with a stick and some fruit. We all took turns trying to bust open the fruit. Juice was being sprayed and chunks of fruit flew everywhere. It was all pretty fun, except the part where I scraped up my arm by choking up to high on the stick :(. We were also  bummed because no one had brought a camera to capture the moment.

After going back to the house for a bit we decided to head back out on the golf carts to feed some turtles and fish in some of the ponds on the golf course.

But then it quickly turned into Morgan's bedtime and she let us know. So...when we got back to the house it was time to go home.

I hope everyone had a happy Easter!

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