Saturday, April 30, 2011


Have I mentioned before that Morgan likes to get into EVERYTHING? haha I know I have, but it is true. She is a very busy girl, but I know she is a smart girl too and she pays way more attention to us than I thought. The other day I saw her get my Ipod out of the drawer and do this.
Morgan also loves music now. My favorite example of this is when I was driving around running errands and  listening to Weezer. It is a really nice day so I rolled down some of the windows. As I was singing along to the song, I look back to see her smiling ear to ear and moving to the music.

Growing up one of my best friends and I bonded over the fact that we know a lot of different lyrics, sometimes to the most obscure songs. He and I always had a bet that our kids would be stronger in this "talent" the the others. Although we were only (sort of ) kidding about this I watch Morgan and wonder if she will be interested in music like I was. My friend has since passed on, but certain songs make me feel like he is right here with me. 

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Megs said...

As soon as you said that I knew exactly who you were talking about. You are so right. Morgan looks exactly like you in this first picture. Your family is adorable Heather. Keep teaching Morgan those moves and to love music. Those are some of my best memories with my brother!