Sunday, May 22, 2011

A day at the fair

This weekend all of the Shaw siblings and their families met up at their parents house. There was as fair going on down the road from their house so we all went to check it out.

They had all sorts of booths set up representing different companies, of course wanting you to buy stuff, but with 25 cent hot dogs, drinks ,and other fair type food it was pretty fun.

 They also had some "entertainment" (some questionable belly dancers), booths set up for carnival type games, a climbing wall, bounce houses, and a little petting zoo.

After the fair we went back to Kerry and Linda's house to rest for a while. Then we grabbed some carrots jumped on the golf carts and went to feed some of the neighbor's horses.

Tom's farms was our last stop where we bought some candy and fun flavored sodas.

Morgan had so much fun that she wore herself out! She fell asleep in the golf cart and stayed asleep for a good while like this...
It was a nice way to spend a Saturday :)

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Frank and Sabrina said...

OMG, i loooove Toms Farms, it used to be much different, like an actual farmers market... i grew up going there. :)