Friday, September 2, 2011

Surf, sand, and make-up

Yesterday Morgan and I headed out to the beach with our friends Emily, Joseph, and baby Aaron. The weather has been much nicer this week and it felt great to get some fresh air.

This cute little car was given to us by my in-laws neighbor. She has a granddaughter a little older than Morgan and has been generous enough to pass along clothes and toys that she has outgrown. Morgan loves it!

It was a quick trip. We didn't stay too long. We ate lunch and let the kids play in the sand. The waves were pretty big, but we let them crash against our legs. Morgan loves that part and gets so upset when it is time to go.

A couple of days earlier, Morgan was watching me put on make-up like she loves to do and I let her put some on. These pictures don't show it because I barely put anything on  her, but she has some light eye shadow, blush and lip gloss on. She was pretty excited about it.

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