Saturday, August 27, 2011

Going stir crazy!

 What have we been up to lately? Well, we have been stuck inside! At the beginning of last week Morgan had a bit of a fever and was complaining about her mouth hurting. I could see that she is getting some new teeth so I just assumed that is what the problem was. know what they say about assuming? :) Turns out she had something called hand,foot,mouth. The problem is I found this out AFTER we had a play date with some of our friends. The only reason I even found out she had anything at all is because she started getting a rash on her legs and arms. Apparently, hand,foot,mouth is SUPER contagious so...I had to call my friend and let her know I exposed her children to something really unpleasant-BOO :( I was so scared of making that call, but luckily my friend is so easy going and was just like "hey, kids get sick". I was grateful for that :). 

So like I said we have been hanging out inside for a while and after watching a billion Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Yo Gabba Gabba episodes we were both getting a little stir crazy. 

To entertain myself I made Morgan some hair bows using my friend, Elizabeth's tutorial
I thought they turned out pretty cute and they are so easy to make.  I made five bows and the cost was under $5! 
Here are the rest of them on her board. (I made this a while ago. I just painted a canvas and added ribbon. Another super easy project)

Now that Morgan is feeling better we are able to get out more, but with it being over 100 degrees outside we want to stick to places with air conditioning :)


Elizabeth Moon said...

Oh I know that feeling!
I hope you are out and about again soon. (We are stuck inside for the hurricane.)
Love the bows!

tHe StAiLeYs said...

I have never even heard of that. Glad you had an understanding friend! It's so true though, kids get sick, people shouldn't get upset. I know what you mean about the heat! It's crazy! I am so ready for fall!

Em-Cat said...

...And I stand by what I said! That's just part of growing up - right? Like I said before...I would rather have fun playdates with friends than stay home being worried about my kids getting sick. Thanks again for calling me. You rock girlfriend.