Monday, August 1, 2011

Fun and games

The rest of our visit in Tennessee was spent mostly just relaxing and enjoying my family. It had been a year since our last visit, and Morgan was so little then. I have to admit it made me sad to see her have to get to know everyone all over again.  Of course she wanted to hang out with her cousins right away. She definitely thinks she is a lot older than she is.

She LOVED jumping on the trampoline with the big kids.
And playing the the wading pool.
These are my brother's kids, Hannah, Adam, and Rebekah

One thing I look forward to when I see my family is playing games together. This time we played "Don't forget the lyrics" and "Clue".

Like I said in the beginning of our visit, Morgan had to get to know everyone all over again, but by the last night she was running around giving everyone hugs.
She especially made a friend in Adam. After he got over having to share his toys, he and Morgan were good pals the rest of the trip.

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