Monday, November 12, 2012

Trick or Treeeeaaaaatttt

That is how Morgan says it. She says it really loud and extends the treat. It makes us laugh because people would react by saying "oh wow, you deserve some more candy". I think she caught on to that and kept it up :)

This year for Halloween Morgan was Minnie Mouse. There wasn't really any budging her on that and that's alright. The girl knows what she wants. Unfortunately, that meant that all three of us weren't going to be doing a family costume again this year and we really enjoyed doing that the last two years. We couldn't think of anything to dress up as and at the last minute we came up with The Price is Right contestants.

At our church Halloween party Morgan had fun running around trying to play all the games. Especially, trying to eat a doughnut from a string. We had to watch her or she would keep going back. It was a lot more laid back for us this year because we got to sit back and watch her play instead of guiding her around and making sure she didn't run out of the room. Here are some pictures from that church Party.

As you could tell from her expression, she had a blast!

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