Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin Patch playdate

Yesterday, Morgan and I went to a pumpkin patch. This year it seems Morgan has really embraced Halloween and Everything that comes with it. When I told her we were going to the pumpkin patch she got so excited and couldn't wait to pick out a pumpkin.

Let me just say that overall we had a good time, but Morgan was really trying my patience. She was running ahead of the group or in a completely different direction and she never wanted to move on the the next activity. I had to sit down and talk with her a couple of different times. Yes it was cold and she was hungry, but late last night it all became clear as to what the real problem was. She is getting sick :(. Lots of coughing and gunk. Today is definitely a TV day for sure.

Here are some pictures from our trip.

 Amy and her daughter Elayna


 Alex with her boys Ben and Lucas

 Kristin with her daughter Elaine and son Zane

Me with Morgan and Amy's other daughter Lilia

 This expression kind of sums up my experience. I was trying to get Morgan to take  a picture with me and it just wasn't going to happen. Oh well, maybe next time :).

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