Sunday, May 12, 2013

On days like today

Today is Mother's day and even though Morgan is 3 sometimes it feels weird to be part of that "club." Today hasn't been the easiest in the parenting department. She seems to have picked today to try my patience OVER and OVER. I kept getting frustrated. Then I took a step back and thought. Maybe she is just a little more needy today. So I went in her room and asked if she would like me to lay down with her. She happily said yes and within a few minutes she was asleep. I am still a rookie at this whole new hat that is "mother" and I hope that I learn to wear it well.

Morgan is definitely her own person and people have described her to me as "sassy" or "independent" and I think that is very true.

She has to sit in "her spot" when we go to the library for story time. It is the same thing in Primary at church. She has chosen her spot and that it is.

She won't let you call her any type of nickname. If I call her a "cutie patootie" or something she says in a very stern voice "I'm not a cutie patootie! I'm a kid." So I just shrug and say ok.  There have been times where she wants to pretend to be a super hero and save people. Then when I ask her if she wants me to make her a cape. She quickly changes her mind and says "No, I don't want to be a super hero. I'm Morgan." On one hand I worry that her imagination needs a little help, but then on the other hand I'm glad that she loves being Morgan and wouldn't want to change that :)

Today at church all of the Primary children went up front to sing . I noticed that she wasn't really participating, but I just figured she didn't really know the songs. When she came back to sit with us Kevin told her she did a great job and her response was so funny. In a no nonsense way she said "I didn't even sing! I didn't open my mouth once." Her face was priceless. She couldn't understand why we would congratulate her on something she didn't do. I was laughing thru the whole closing prayer.

Morgan also has moments of sweetness. Times when all she wants is to be with you, snuggle and give kisses. Will out of nowhere tell me I am the best mom ever or her best friend and those are the times I treasure.

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