Sunday, August 25, 2013

Trip to Florida (Last month!)

Ok so I am WAYYY behind on blogging, but a lot has been on my mind lately. I did want to post some pictures of our trip to Florida in July.

We started out on the East coast visiting our friends Megan and Justin. I hadn't seen Megan since I was pregnant with Morgan so it had been a LONG time. It was great to see them and see their new house and all that they have planned for it. There was a little bit of Puppy drama, but other than that it was a low key visit and we just enjoyed catching up, watching movies, and playing games.

Morgan has a favorite stuffed Giraffe she calls "buddy". She sleeps with him and has since she was very little. Megan loves to make these cute little stuffed animals and made Morgan another Giraffe. We asked her what she wanted to name it and she quickly said "buddy 2". You can tell by the picture below that she really likes it. In fact it made the top tier of animals that have a permanent spot on her bed. :)

After we left our friends house we drove over to my Aunt Linda's house. Unfortunately, we only had a few hours to spend, but Kevin and Morgan had a great time swimming in her pool as we visited.

Ruca even got in for a little bit. She had never been in water where she couldn't touch the bottom, but once she got a little more comfortable she would swim to Kevin and then back to the stairs.

I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of my aunt :(. It was great to see her. Next time we will have to make it a longer visit.

When we left my aunt's house we drove to the west side of Florida to stay with my parents for a few days.

For Kevin, this trip wasn't all vacation. He had to continue to post on his magazine, as well as, visit two of their advertisers. So it was nice when we got the chance to go out as a family. We made it to the beach once and also took Morgan to downtown Disney.

Morgan was a really good sport about the heat and all of the walking so we got her a special little mermaid Lego set.

One night my mom showed Morgan how to make pizza.

It was a nice break from the day to day and even though I would have liked to spend more time at the beach, I think it was a nice little family vacation.

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