Saturday, November 30, 2013

Last ride of the Summer

As always I am playing catch up with my blog, but this is mostly for me to look back at and for my family to check in and see pictures so my guess is no one has even noticed :).

The last few months have brought several changes. BIG changes, but before any of them occurred we had a fairly normal summer. With me being pregnant I wasn't really up for a whole lot just playing outside in the little pool and having picnics. That was really as adventurous as I got.

Oh and Morgan got a haircut too.

One of the last "normal" things we did was go with Kevin out on the lake for a day. He needed me to take some pictures for the online magazine he worked for.

Not too long after this Kevin was laid off. (Big change number 1) He was hoping to purchase the magazine he was running from the current owners, but they didn't like his offer and the next day when he went in to work they gave him his last pay check.

I think it has been a blessing in disguise. On on hand we are no longer connected to individuals who so quickly turned against us and on the other since parting ways from the magazine he has felt so many in the watercraft community reach out to him and tell him that they need him in the industry. I think before this last year Kevin didn't have the confidence to go out and build and start a magazine on his own, but since that is exactly what he did (minus the expenses) at his last job, he realized that he is very capable and has tons of support rooting him to move forward. So that is exactly what we are doing. We as a family are running The Watercraft Journal and we hope to start at online shop Watercraft Outfitters in 2014.

It will be nice to have the freedom that owning your own company brings. The fact that it is all online means we can travel and still work at the same time. It is gonna be pretty rocky for the first few years as we get established and get into our groove, but it will be so worth it in the long run.

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