Saturday, November 30, 2013

Picture time

Before Natalie was born I could NOT get Morgan to sit still and take a picture. If I even suggested it she would turn her face. Now that Natalie is here and Morgan sees me taking pictures of her, she is more willing to participate. That is a win in my book.

She even wanted to dress up complete with tap shoes and have a mini photo shoot with just her.

She is growing up so fast.

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Em-Cat said...

Heather! I have had a feeling I needed to call you for some time. I think about you guys all the time. Now I know why I had that feeling! You have had some pretty big things happening in your neck of the woods. I'm sorry I didn't roll with it and break down and call you! Hopefully we can connect sometime this week. We love you guys and wonder how you're doing all the time. Hopefully I'll talk to you soon!