Saturday, November 30, 2013

She's Heeerrrreee

On October 18th we welcomed our second daughter. After only seven hours of labor she arrived at 12:05 am. I obviously won't go into any details, but I was able to have her without an epidural which made me pretty happy and made a HUGE difference in my recovery..

It took us two days, but we finally agreed upon the name Natalie Jane.

I had NO idea how Morgan was going to react to having a baby sister. When she came to the hospital she looked at her for a few minutes and then was ready to move on to something else. I am happy though because now that we have had Natalie for 6 weeks now. Morgan loves to help by getting diapers or anything I need. She hasn't acted too jealous which is awesome considering how much I have to hold take care of Natalie.

It is so true how each baby is different. We had it pretty easy with Morgan. She was a very calm baby. Natalie cries quite a bit, but I believe it is due to colic. We are learning what works to calm her down and I think we are getting used to  having a baby around again. She is a super sweet baby and we are so happy that she has joined our family.

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