Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Morgan's 4th Birthday

I  knew that I wanted to throw a party this year for Morgan's birthday because of how much attention would be going towards the baby. She told me that she wanted a "Little Einsteins" theme and so I started looking up different ideas. I knew I wanted to make it as easy on myself as possible so I invited a few little girls from church to our house so it would be pretty contained.As far as decorations went, I cut music notes from black poster board and printed of pictures of the characters from the computer. I was pretty happy because when she saw everything she looked so excited.

I set up little "missions" in three different rooms. One room they had to find Leo's baton and big jet who stole it. Another room they had to find Big Ben's clock and the monkey who took that. In the last room I had a picture of Mona Lisa and I told the girls that she needed a hair bow so they searched for the cut out of the hair bow and stuck it on the picture. They seemed to really enjoy that. We tried to play musical squares, but two of the girls were feeling shy and not participating and they youngest seemed to think that she needed to always land on her original square so when the music stopped she tried to push whoever was on it off. The other moms and I just laughed. It was pretty funny.

We kept it simple. Kevin went and picked up some pizza and we ate cupcakes and ice cream. Morgan picked out Lemon frosting which turned out to be a big hit.

I think she really enjoyed her special party. It was nice to put some focus back on her. I can't believe she is four years old. Time has really flown by so fast!

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