Monday, June 23, 2008

The Big 30

June 13th was Kevin's 30th birthday. I had a friend coming into town that day so I knew he would think that I would be a little too preoccupied and we wouldn't really do much to celebrate-WRONG! Turning 30 is a pretty important birthday so I planned a surprise party for him. After we picked my friend up from the airport we told Kevin that we felt bad and wanted to take him somewhere fun for his birthday. I directed him towards an indoor go cart track. When we went inside he was so surprised to see his friends and family waiting for us. We all had a great time racing. Especially all of the Shaw men. They were all super competitive and kept talking about who did what and why they won or should have won. It was pretty funny. After we were done racing we all went to our apartment that I had decorated while kevin was at work. Just like any birthday party you have to have cake and ice cream so....I had a cake made with Optimus Prime on it. They did a really good job. Then we played a game that I made up to see who knew Kevin the best. His friend James walked away as the champion only missing 3 out of the 21 questions. Overall I think it turned out to be a really fun night. Thanks again everyone for helping make Kevin's birthday a good one!


Elizabeth said...

aw that's so sweet. kev's a lucky guy.

i want to visit.

Heather and Kevin said...

You totally should come and visit! We would love to have you...:)