Monday, June 23, 2008

All the way from Atlanta

I mentioned a little bit in my last post about a friend coming to visit me. Well....that friend was Erin. We covered a lot of territory in her short visit so I thought I should write a separate post for her trip. First, I wanna say how nice it was to see her. She is one of my oldest friends (since 4th grade) and there is something about hanging out as an adult with someone who went to girls camp with you and saw you with braces as a child. It's almost like there is no fooling them. They saw you at the peak of uncoolness.

She had never been on a go cart so I'm glad I got to introduce her to that. Although, I'm not quite sure it is something she will want to do over and over.

Since she had never been to California (the girl has been to china, but never California) we had to take her to LA to show her all of the tourist spots. She randomly had a friend from Croatia living here for a work exchange program. So..we ended up picking up two Croatians and taking them with us to LA. They were very sweet girls and it was fun to see how excited they were to see everything.

The next day we took Erin out on some Jet Skis. She was excited but nervous. By the time we were done she felt comfortable and had a blast.

The last night she was here we joined our friends Rob and Emily on the beach. Their family was having a bonfire so it was a nice relaxing end to our visit.

Erin, thanks so much for coming to visit. I'm so excited to be part of your wedding. You have always been a good friend. I love you and Miss you already :)

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