Friday, July 25, 2008

Bitten by a Copperhead

Last Weekend Kevin participated in another race. This time he had to ride from Long Beach to Catalina Island and back. This was his second time in the estimated 56 mile race, but it was the introduction of the magazines project boat called Copperhead. Kevin was pretty nervous because along with a brand new paint scheme (which Kevin designed himself :) they had made some modifications to the boat, intending to make it faster but the last few times he took it out there were some hiccups. Kevin wasn't the only nervous racer. Justin, Kevin's associate editor was racing too, but it was his first race ever and he had never even been to Catalina Island. The race started at around 8:05 AM and Devon (Justin's girlfriend ) and I decided to grab some breakfast while we were waiting. We figured it should be at least an hour before they get back. Well at 8:22 Devon's cell phone rang and it was Justin. His boat wasn't running right so he was already done racing :( Poor Justin he was so frustrated. When the first racer crossed the finish line I started keeping a look out for Kevin. When I finally saw him I was relieved to see a smile on his face. He later explained that for the first half of the race he was doing really well. He was going back and forth between 10th and 11th place. Then his boat started to overheat and a hose came off. So in the middle of the ocean with racers passing him, he did his best to put the boat in working order, fire it back up and finish the race. Needless to say Kevin didn't come in 11th place but I'm proud of him for fixing the boat and proudly finishing the race.

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The Jones Family said...

Aww how fun! I wanna go sea-dooing!! ugh! i miss the water!!