Monday, August 4, 2008


This weekend I flew to Birmingham to be in my best friend Monica's wedding. Here is what happened during my travels...

Thursday, July 31st, I was supposed to fly form Orange County into the Chicago O'hare airport at 2:45 PM, but due to weather they flew me to Milwaukee where we sat on the tarmak for 45 minutes waiting to be given the go ahead to fly into Chicago. My connecting flight to B'ham was scheduled for 3:50 originally, but since they had been postponing flights due to weather, I figured my flight was probably delayed. I was right and I ran to the complete other side of the terminal as fast as I could hoping to make it in time. When I got to my gate the departure time switched from 5:00 to 5:25 to 6:00 until finally they announced that there was maintenance issue and the flight was canceled. I went to try and get on another flight and there was NOTHING flying into b'ham, Huntsville, Montgomery or even Atlanta that night. I had to stay overnight and they weren't going to cover my room, but I informed them (with tears running down my face) that my flight wasn't canceled because of weather it was mechanical issues. They promptly checked and then gave me a free room voucher along with a free dinner and breakfast ticket. So...I had to stay the night in Chicago. Meanwhile Kevin was already in B'ham waiting for me.

The next morning I had to fly into ATLANTA because I had to make it to a rehearsal for the wedding I was going to be in and the only flight they had to B'ham flew in late. So Kevin drives to Atlanta and picks me up at the airport. I go to the baggage claim and NOTHING. My bag did not get on my flight! I was so frustrated with the whole situation that I was just a ball of emotion. We went to the baggage attendants trying to get some answers but all they could say was it will probably be on the next flight to B'ham since that is where is was originally headed.

So...Kevin and I drive to B'ham and immediately drive to the mall so I can buy some clothes to wear to the rehearsal. I had to buy and skirt, top, shoes and even underwear! Luckily I had my friend Elizabeth there with me to pick something nice out. After I grabbed what I needed we drove to Elizabeth's parent's house (where we were crashing for the next few nights) and I quickly took a shower, got dressed and borrowed make-up from Elizabeth. That too was in my luggage :(

I made it to the rehearsal and Kevin slipped out to head to the airport hoping to find that my bag had arrived from the only Chicago flight of the night....NOPE! Still no bag. The next morning was the wedding and the only thing I could keep saying was thank goodness I carried my bridesmaids dress on the plane.

The morning of the wedding Elizabeth and I went to Sephora and they saved me by giving me a wonderful make over (at no charge) and then we drove around praying to find a decent hair salon to put my hair up the way Monica wanted it. We found a nice place and when we told them my story they were very understanding and helped me right away. When my hair was done I had to run back to the house and throw my dress and shoes (that I borrowed from Elizabeth's mother) on and run to Monica's house for pictures.

The wedding itself was beautiful! I joke that Monica is such a princess and she definitely got her fairytale wedding. I loved seeing the Arabic dancing and traditions. She looked beautiful and both she and Kyle looked really happy. I was also excited to see some of my good friends that I hadn't seen in a while. It was good to be able to catch up with them.

That night after the wedding when we got back to Elizabeth's house I walk in and I fall to the ground. There was my bag. Elizabeth's mom said that had brought it at 10:45 that night...Sheesh!

We were scheduled to fly out the next morning (Sunday) and before we left we went to Church to say hello to some more friends. Then we were on our way to fill up our rental car with gas and drive to the airport. THE CAR is 98 degress outside and we are stuck on 280. I call Elizabeth but she and Lee have already headed out of town. We end up getting a ride from her younger sister, Mary. We told the rental car company we were leaving the car there and they could come and get it. We dropped the keys off at the airport. The good news is...We made it to Orange County with out a hitch and our bags came with us. I'm glad that I could be there for Monica and Kyle, but I think it is going to take us a while before we are ready to fly across the country again.


Elizabeth said...

good i'm glad Mary could give you a ride.
I've told your story to many of my coworkers. Still can't believe what all went wrong.. it was totally ridiculous.
anyway, I was glad to see you though. =) that's a cute picture of all of us.

Anonymous said...

awww Hedda! It makes me sad reading it. =( I felt so bad for you and I didn't know what do. I also wish we got to hang out with each other more. I'll always remember you being there with me during my pictures, and you having AWESOME ideas! What would I do without you?! Thank you again for being in my wedding. It wouldn't have been the same without you in it! Kyle and I really appreciate your friendship. We love you! *Mon*