Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have a strange fascination with serial killers. I don't remember exactly when it started, but I feel like I have always been interested in the way they think and what traumatic incident (if anything) happened that warped their minds into the cold creature that they have become.

I asked my mother to reserve a book for me one time at the library. when she had been notified of its arrival she went to pick it up but then came home empty handed. When I asked about the book she said the library made a mistake. They sent a book about serial killers! When I told her that was the book I wanted she made a face that showed her utter discussed for my choice in reading material and said "yuck!" If you want to read about that you can get it yourself!"

Ever since then I quietly wondered to myself if there was something wrong with me for being so curious about this topic. Thanks to the Showtime series, Dexter, I have learned that I am definitely not alone in my intrigue. The show is about Dexter Morgan, a blood splatter analyst that works for the Miami police department. He was adopted by a police officer that found him at a crime scene. Ever since he was young, Dexter had the urge to harm things. Like you hear about most serial killers he started off with animals. When his father caught on to this he tried to coach him on how to control those urges and just in case he couldn't, he wanted to teach him how not to get caught. His father taught him that human life has value, but there are those people out there that are just bad people and hurt people for no reason. Those people become Dexter's victims. Dexter has a "code" he lives by. He only kills those people that have hurt innocent people. I love this show because you get to watch him grow emotionally and have a constant internal struggle. Plus it keeps you on your toes because it can get pretty intense.

Kevin and I don't have Showtime. We caught the show when a few episodes were aired on regular cable. After that we were hooked. We went to Blockbuster and rented the first season. We would come home after work, eat dinner, and then watch a couple of episodes a night. We couldn't get enough. The next thing I know Kevin went out and bought the first and second season. Then I went to work and found out my co-worker was a fan of the show. I get online and see people talking about it on facebook. I even got a good friend of mine (and apparently his room mates) addicted to the series. The latest is that we got Kevin's mother watching the show and she has passed it around her neighborhood. It is safe to say that Dexter has become one of my favorite shows. It's not for everyone though, and that's ok. There is a good amount of cussing and of course violence. So if that offends you then you probably should stay away. For everyone else I would recommend renting it and seeing what you think.

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