Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mark your calendars

Ok so everyone knows about St. Patricks day, Veterans day, Earth day and even flag day, but there are several holidays that get completely over looked. Here is a list of real holidays that you may not have heard of:

Jan. 3rd-Festival of sleep day (ZZZ)
Jan. 4th- Trivia day (What was the name of Tori Spellings character on saved by the bell?)
Jan. 8th- Bubble bath day (Break out the scented candles)
Jan. 11th- Step in a puddle and splash your friend's day (And don't forget your booties cause it's cold outside!)
Jan. 14th- Dress up your pet day
Jan. 25th-Opposite day-(That's right does exist)
Feb. 8th-Fly a kite day (up to the highest height)
Feb. 11th- White t-shirt day
Feb. 13th-Get a different name day
Feb. 16th-Do a grouch a favor day
Feb. 20th-Hoodie Hoo day (Seriously, Look it up)
Feb. 26th-Tell a fairy tale day
Mar. 3rd- If pets had thumbs day
Mar. 20th- Extraterrestrial Abductions day (ET phone home)
April 7th- No house work day
April 11th- Eight track tape day
April 13th-Dyngus day (Always the monday after easter)
April 30th-Hairstyle appreciation day
May 3rd-Lumpy rug day
May 9th- Lost sock memorial day
May 14th- Dance like a chicken day (How funky is your chicken, How loose is your goose)
July 2nd- I forgot day (Wait, what was I saying)
July 5th- Build a scarecrow day
July 14th- National Nude day
July 20th-Ugly truck day
July 27th-Take your pants for a walk day
Aug. 10th-National S'mores day
Sept. 6th-Fight procrastination day (That's a great idea...I'll start tomorrow)
Sept. 19th-International talk like a pirate day
Oct. 11th -Starts pet peeve week
Oct. 21st-Count your buttons day
Nov. 4th- King tut day
Nov. 29th-Square dance day
Dec. 18th-Bake cookies day

Now go and mark your calendars so we can take full advantage of such awesome holidays!

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Em-Cat said...

I think it would be a fun idea to spend an entire year celebrating these holidays...I'd probably forget to do it though...