Monday, October 25, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Our church hosted a Halloween party with a chili cook off and costume contest and at the end most of the Adults go and open the decorated trunks of their cars, sit and wait for the little kids to come "trunk or treating". This is pretty standard for most LDS churches. This is a pretty good idea given how people have decided to ruin the fun nature of Halloween over the years by slipping razor blades into candy. Not only that, but for the really little kids, they get to dress up and get a pretty good amount of candy without their parents having to take them all over the neighborhood. For the older kids it is just double the fun!

We are pretty new to our ward so a lot of people don't know who we are. I knew this would be a good opportunity to stick out a little bit and make a way for people to remember us. Plus, I really just love dressing up for Halloween :). After Kevin and I bounced ideas back and forth we finally agreed on dressing up like Characters from Star Wars. Kevin originally wanted to be a storm trooper , but after seeing the $500 something costume he picked out (yeah right!) I got him to settle for Han Solo. I, of course was princess Leia, but not the white dress with the buns on the side of her head version. I dressed up like when she was in the woods on Return of the Jedi. Morgan was a super cute Ewok! I had to add a little bow to her costume though, because I didn't want people thinking she was a boy.

At the party everyone would comment on how great they thought we looked and especially how cute our little ewok was. They gave out awards for the cutest, funniest, and scariest costumes. Then they said after looking at all the costumes they felt they needed to add another category and they gave us the best family costumes. That was kind of fun. The next day at church there were several people coming up to us saying "oh you are the star wars family!" So I guess I was right, we have made an impression after all.:)