Thursday, February 17, 2011

Almost 30-Yikes

Earlier this month I entered into the last year of my twenties. High school me is telling me that I am OLD, but the present me disagrees. I don't feel old so even though I willl accept how old I am I think I will live by the saying "you are only as old as you feel". So I guess I am about 26ish. :)

I enjoy celebrating my birthday, and I hope that no matter how old my birth certificate tells me I am, I will continue to do so. I might even adopt my mother's mantra that the whole month of February is my birthday!

Kevin and I went on a date to play mini golf (my choice) and then we enjoyed some In and Out burgers. This may sound underwhelming to some of you, BUT it was actually almost exactly what we did on our first date. Plus, we never really get out without the tot and it was SO NICE to be able to enjoy a night by ourselves. A big THANK YOU to my wonderful mother-in-law for watching Morgan for us.

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tammy said...

Age is just a number and I totally believe that! Once you get to 30, you think what was I worried about? In all honesty, 40 doesn't look too bad either... :)