Saturday, February 5, 2011

A shower for P.

Sometimes  I make up nicknames for my friends and for some reason they usually sound like a wannabe rappers name. I recently attended a baby shower for my friend that I lovingly call P. Lemmie. She is expecting a little boy on March 1st and she makes a beautiful pregnant lady. Don't ya think?

This isn't everyone we came to the shower. Unfortunately, we only thought to do a group shot after the shower was over and we were just sitting around gabbing and of course we had to do the "silly shot". Kudos to P. MAN that is one scary face! :)

Just for fun I thought I would throw in a picture of us at my baby shower.
(P. trying to stick her stomach out to look like mine)

P. Lemmie,

I am so excited for you and M! I know you are going to be amazing parents. I can see how much love you already have for this little boy and I can't help but think how lucky he is :) I wanted to say thank you for being my friend when I didn't feel like I had many. I can't tell you how much it helped to know that you were just down the street to go jogging with or just watch a movie. I'm sad that I don't live close anymore and we can't take our kiddos on daily walks to the park, but I will try to come and visit you as much as I can.


H. Shizzle :)

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