Sunday, January 30, 2011

She's at that age

At least that is what everyone tells me when I explain the mischief that my little girl is now getting in to. Now that is she walking, she thinks nothing is off limits to her and that EVERYTHING is there just for her to eat, rip, throw, climb into, climb on top of, etc...

This afternoon I was smelling something coming from Morgan's room. When I went to investigate I found Morgan covered in vick's baby vapor rub! She rubbed it all over her hands and feet and of course on her face.  The fact that I was smelling it down the hall lets you know how much it was.  Off she went to the bath tub. Only problem is, that stuff apparently doesn't come off easily. Kevin said he had to throw in some dawn soap to finally do the job.

A couple of weeks ago I saw Morgan looking through her books in her room so I went to do something in the living room. The next thing I know Morgan comes walking up to me and when I looked at her I was a little surprised to see something white all over her face. I could tell by the smell that it was Desitin. Again, off she went to the bath tub. (I have the feeling we will be having a lot of those impromptu baths)

When we moved into this condo the kitchen already had some baby proofing done so we haven't really had to do anything. The only thing is, is that there are some drawers that Morgan can get into. I haven't really worried about it because one drawer is full of table cloths and place mats and the one above is ziploc bags and saran wrap. Well, she has recently discovered she can open both of those drawers and has fun throwing everything out and climbing inside. I actually, don't mind the bottom drawer because having her entertained while I do some chores is worth folding the table cloths up later.

Here are some pictures of Morgan in action.

She also doesn't want to stay seated at church. She thinks she should be able to run around and scream and laugh. It doesn't help that she can see that some parents let their kids go out into the hall and play. I may seem strict, but I don't want her to think she can fuss enough and we will let her play in the hall. SO...she either can look at her books, eat snacks and play with some quiet toys and sit in the chapel or she can go outside of the church and sit on my lap the whole time. Today was the first time I really tried to enforce that and after a very angry tantrum, she finally calmed down and we were able to finish sacrament meeting sitting in our chairs. I know this will be a weekly struggle for a while, but as everyone says, "she's at that age."


Holly said...

Heather, I feel for you! We have managed to keep Henley out of the creams and powders by keeping them high above her reach. The Sunday thing is a great goal and totally worth it! Yesterday Henley sat there quietly with David while I was on the stand to speak. I didn't even notice any outburst at all! It's worth the fight! You can do it! (Also, happy birthday soon. :))

The Jones Family said...

haha oh ya i know how you feel! My boy did the Desitin thing (which isnt easy to get off either! so greasy!) and now he knows how to slide the kitchen chairs over to the counter in order to get stuff thats on the counter! grr.. I feel like I constantly have to watch him.. and if it gets too quiet.. thats usually bad news! I get nervous about another baby coming to distract me... Its a good thing they're cute right? Oh and I completly agree with you on the whole church thing. We do that too.. the only reason we are out in the hall is for a time out- so we're hoping that'll mean he will NOT want to go out in the hall in the future.

Em-Cat said...

Oh yes she is at that age! Joe's the same way at church. We bring his stroller into the chapel and don't let him out of it, otherwise he's hard to keep in the pew. I'm the same way with you. If he goes into the foyer, he sits on my lap and doesn't get to run around. It's just that time of testing limits! I think you're doing great. I'm on your side!

Emily said...

Oh, girl! I can feel your frustration! I was there not too long ago with Jack. I can promise that is does get better. The more you explain it's a no-no...the less you see it happen. It does take a little time, but she will get it!