Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pool party baby

 Or should I say a baby pool party? :)

This week Morgan and I went over to our friends Emily and Joseph's for a play date.  Emily set up a little kiddie pool for the tots to play in. Morgan loves anything having to do with water so she was stoked.

 These three cuties had a lot of fun together. Notice Morgan's flip flops in the pool? It was a little too slippery without so I had to put them back on. That slide was a little tricky for her too. She kept trying to skip a step. These boys are both older than her and it is amazing how much of a difference a few months make when it comes to balance. 
Now I want to do a little comparison. Above is Joseph, he is Emily's older boy. Below is Aaron he is Joseph's little brother.
So you can't see Aaron completely, but you can tell by this that they don't look alike. It is so funny seeing them next each other. Joe is blond, blue eyed and fair skinned and Aaron is brown hair and eyed with a tanner skin tone. So funny. It makes me wonder what my future children will look like. 

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